Monday, May 3, 2010

May 1st [1863]

Bowen sends Flag of Truce
to bury his dead -- permis
sion not granted by the
enemy -- Loring and Steven
son on way to reinforce
Bowen. He falls back, before
they arrive, in direction of
Hankinsons's Ferry, Big Black

General William Wing Loring (1818-1886) who had lost at arm in the Mexican War and was known as "Old Blizzards" after an engagement on March 16 at Fort Pemberton, Greenwood, Miss., in which he stood on a parapet shouting "Give them blizzards boys."
General Carter Littlepage Stevnson, Jr. (1817-1888)

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  1. many thanks for doing a great job of putting these online yours david stewart.. from blackburn, west lothian, scotland, u.k.